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A great business prospect…for someone

January 14, 2011

During my first pregnancy, my sister got me a book called “Hot Mama.” It’s a guide on “how to have a babe and be a babe.” I’m thinking I need to thumb through this right about now at 28 weeks pregnant and seemingly unable to keep food out of my mouth. Did I really need to eat a vending machine bear claw yesterday? No. Did every fiber of my being crave it and thoroughly savor the cinnamon laced dough topped with icing? Oh yeah.

But “Hot Mama” isn’t solely about diet and weight gain. It touches on such other topics as hot mama clothing–an area I need to ponder as I peruse my limited selection of maternity clothes. I am roughly 12 weeks out from delivering a baby. Do I really want to spend money on clothes that I may never wear again? But at the same time, I am so sick of the five-day rotation of clothing and my relative dearth of maternity pants, which I have adamantly refused to purchase this go around, that it seems I will have to augment the selection or continue down my path of not-so-hot mama.

Let me share with you my dilemma. I am five feet 10-and-a-half inches tall. It’s challenging enough in a non-pregnant state to find fashionable clothes that fit my goonish frame. I can think of at least three bridesmaid dresses I’ve purchased over the years and on which I’ve had to spend at least an extra $30 more than the other attendants simply because extra fabric was needed to accommodate my longer than average body. I actually refuse to shop from stores that charge more for their tall sizes. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about my oversized body people!

But I digress. Imagine now being visibly pregnant and needing to sport maternity clothes for both aesthetics and comfort. Now imagine trying to find affordable, cute, LONG maternity clothes. Not an easy task. As a result, the outcome often looks something like this:

And while there are a few outlets out there that sell maternity frocks for us giants, they’re few and far between, and the selection is not always as broad as one might like. So, I put this out there to someone looking for a new business venture in 2011. How about a fashionable line of clothing for tall pregnant women? Sure, we’re not as numerous as our smaller counterparts, but we’re desperate and willing to pay!!

If I didn’t have eight million balls of my own in the air, I’d pursue this myself. Until then, I would firmly support (aka feverishly buy from) such a business and shamelessly promote it on my blog! šŸ˜‰

Heel hunt is on

July 23, 2009

Picture1I wonder if you’re wondering if I really own a pair of four-inch hot pink stilettos. I don’t. But I wish I did. Well kinda. More accurately, I wish I had the balls to wear ’em. I’m about an eighth of inch shy of being five feet, 11 inches tall, a and I’ve struggled with my height off and on for about as long as I can remember. But I love the way high heels look and make me feel when I wear them–which isn’t often if I’m being honest.

But I thought I’d have a little fun with this. If anyone comes across a killer pair of pink stilettos, send me a link (either by posting a comment or e-mailing me–see About Me for my e-mail address)! I’ll be on the lookout myself. And once I collect some options, I’ll post the links in an upcoming blog, add a poll to this site and crowdsource the best option. Then I’ll purchase a pair and wear them out on a night on the town. I’ll document in video and photo my experience looming tall in my pink pumps and post the fun here.