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Our new lullaby

September 17, 2009

I have a terrible singing voice. This was confirmed when, at age 13, I took singing lessons with my sister. As aspiring actresses, we wanted to put our best foot forward for the school play auditions. Under the tutelage of “Mrs. M,” we belted out “I Got Rhythm” and the Ice Castles theme song, “Through the Eyes of Love,” into a microphone plugged into a recorder in her living room each Wednesday night. This enabled us to play back our performances for study at home.

Encouraged by Mrs. M’s praise of our voices, we returned each week for about a month. I don’t recall what tipped us off to just how bad our singing was, but I suspect one or both of my parents had something to do with it (I can only imagine the eye rolls and stifled laughter they enjoyed at our expense). All it takes now is a mention of the “singing tapes,” and my sister and I are brought to tears of laughter. We’re still in search of the infamous cassettes–they must be destroyed!

I mention all this because I have been singing A LOT lately. I now pity my poor husband who has to hear it. But baby girl seems to like it. I sing as I give her a bath. I sing as I change her diaper. I sing as I feed her a bottle. I sing because it’s sunny outside. I sing because it’s raining outside. With all this singing, you can imagine that I have gone through every song I know the words to and many I don’t.

What I find amusing is the song I found myself singing over the weekend when I couldn’t bear to sing “My Favorite Things” or “You Are My Sunshine” one more time. From somewhere deep in my brain, I pulled out the lyrics to my high school fight song, and surprisingly, I recalled every word. And she liked it. And so now we have a new song in our repertoire.

To all you Marian Mustangs out there, ping me if you need a refresher on the lyrics. (Oh and I fully recommend three spirited fist pumps timed to the “rah rah rahs.” It adds a little something extra to the performance.) šŸ™‚