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Did she say bum-biting alligators??

October 27, 2010

Well, we’ve decided to give this another go (having a baby that is). And come April 7 (or thereabouts), Baby Blue #2 will join our crazy little household. Hooray!

I’ve set some goals for myself before the newbie’s arrival, and high on that list is having Baby Blue #1 sitting on the “potty chair” while not fully clothed. Yes, the potty chair is of interest to one curly-headed toddler who resides in our household, but I use the term “interest” lightly. Who knew a potty chair could double as a ladder and a paddling pool? Apparently she did.

Conscious of not wanting her to see the potty chair as the enemy, I haven’t forced her to sit on it. But I was excited and amused to find her in the bathroom on the potty chair fully clothed the other evening. At least she isn’t afraid alligators are going to bite her bum from inside the potty before swallowing her whole (I may or may not have harbored such a worry as a young child).

Wish me luck as I endeavor to coach Miss Meghan how to live diaper free. Oh, and wish me luck on raising this little guy or gal (my hunch) debuting this spring. The roller coaster ride continues!

Attention all long-legged preggers…

February 12, 2009

picture1You know who you are! You’re regularly asked how tall you are. You’ve been peppered a million times with questions about which high school sports you played (volleyball or basketball are the likely answers). You can rarely, if ever, buy pants off the rack. You know every single retail chain that carries a “tall” or “long” line of clothes, and you thank God for them every day.

But now you’re preggers, and you have the doubly difficult task of finding pants that are long enough and that will fit a pregnant body. I won’t sugar coat it—it’s going to be tough. If you’re like me, you’ll invest in a Bella Band to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy pants as long as possible. But that will only go so far.

Here’s a round-up of retailers that carry pants for us Amazons. If you know of some I’ve missed, please, please leave the name of the outlet in the comments so we can all reap the benefits of one more option when it comes to maternity leg-wear! Check out its maternity section. I keep reading on other sites that carries tall maternity pants with a 36” inseam, but I have yet to see them on the site. They do offer several 34” inseam options though. JCPenney’s online maternity options are easy on the wallet and include lengths that run into the 34-34.5” inseam range. The maternity section of the site carries James Jeans 34” inseam, Paige Premium Jeans 34.5” inseam, Rock & Republic Jeans 35.5” inseam, Citizens of Humanity Jeans 34.5” inseam and Maternal America pants with a 34” inseam. While I don’t have personal experience with this site, I’ve seen it mentioned on blogs and Web sites as another option for us long-legged ladies.

I’ve also been thinking about buying one or two jogging suits/yoga pant sets for after the baby is born to bum around in the first few weeks. I know I’ll want only comfortable clothes to touch my body. I recently noticed that Eddie Bauer has a ton of clothing options for us tallies, including some loungewear that may just fit the bill for those first few weeks post-delivery. They run a bit on the pricey side, but heck our battle-weary crotches deserve it!

What I know for sure….so far

January 8, 2009

On the last page of every issue of Oprah’s magazine is her regular column, “What I know for sure.” Since I don’t subscribe, I usually catch the column in airport gift shops as I’m trying to kill time before my flight departs. The one-page commentary on what Oprah knows to be true usually proves to be much more entertaining than hanging out at the gate watching the status board as your flight gets delayed for the umpteenth time.

Since discovering I was pregnant late last summer, I’ve come to know a few things for sure about pregnancy, and since I’m such a fan of Oprah’s column by this name, I thought I’d write one of my own.

What I know for sure about pregnancy (so far)…

  • Morning sickness may never strike in the morning (6:30 p.m. on the dot for me).
  • You may experience an insatiable thirst that only Minute Made® pink lemonade or Crystal Light® raspberry lemonade can quench.
  • You may feel the need to head for the ladies room only seconds after you’ve returned from that very place.
  • You will be told that you’re “getting big,” “huge,” or “showing a lot.” The bearer of such tidings either is either male, childless or your “adorable” four-year-old niece.
  • You will make a minor error at home or on the job that normally wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but now will be attributed by others as “pregnancy brain.”
  • You will hear how others don’t like the name you’ve picked for your unborn child because they know someone by that name who’s either a) a stripper b) dead or c) their middle school nemesis.  (Note to self: next time around, keep proposed names quiet until after delivery. People won’t comment nearly as much on a name already printed on the birth certificate.)
  • There will come a point in your pregnancy when you laugh or cough and–yep–a little bit of pee comes out.

Moms and moms-to-be of the world, what do you know for sure?