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A great business prospect…for someone

January 14, 2011

During my first pregnancy, my sister got me a book called “Hot Mama.” It’s a guide on “how to have a babe and be a babe.” I’m thinking I need to thumb through this right about now at 28 weeks pregnant and seemingly unable to keep food out of my mouth. Did I really need to eat a vending machine bear claw yesterday? No. Did every fiber of my being crave it and thoroughly savor the cinnamon laced dough topped with icing? Oh yeah.

But “Hot Mama” isn’t solely about diet and weight gain. It touches on such other topics as hot mama clothing–an area I need to ponder as I peruse my limited selection of maternity clothes. I am roughly 12 weeks out from delivering a baby. Do I really want to spend money on clothes that I may never wear again? But at the same time, I am so sick of the five-day rotation of clothing and my relative dearth of maternity pants, which I have adamantly refused to purchase this go around, that it seems I will have to augment the selection or continue down my path of not-so-hot mama.

Let me share with you my dilemma. I am five feet 10-and-a-half inches tall. It’s challenging enough in a non-pregnant state to find fashionable clothes that fit my goonish frame. I can think of at least three bridesmaid dresses I’ve purchased over the years and on which I’ve had to spend at least an extra $30 more than the other attendants simply because extra fabric was needed to accommodate my longer than average body. I actually refuse to shop from stores that charge more for their tall sizes. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about my oversized body people!

But I digress. Imagine now being visibly pregnant and needing to sport maternity clothes for both aesthetics and comfort. Now imagine trying to find affordable, cute, LONG maternity clothes. Not an easy task. As a result, the outcome often looks something like this:

And while there are a few outlets out there that sell maternity frocks for us giants, they’re few and far between, and the selection is not always as broad as one might like. So, I put this out there to someone looking for a new business venture in 2011. How about a fashionable line of clothing for tall pregnant women? Sure, we’re not as numerous as our smaller counterparts, but we’re desperate and willing to pay!!

If I didn’t have eight million balls of my own in the air, I’d pursue this myself. Until then, I would firmly support (aka feverishly buy from) such a business and shamelessly promote it on my blog! 😉

Attention all long-legged preggers…

February 12, 2009

picture1You know who you are! You’re regularly asked how tall you are. You’ve been peppered a million times with questions about which high school sports you played (volleyball or basketball are the likely answers). You can rarely, if ever, buy pants off the rack. You know every single retail chain that carries a “tall” or “long” line of clothes, and you thank God for them every day.

But now you’re preggers, and you have the doubly difficult task of finding pants that are long enough and that will fit a pregnant body. I won’t sugar coat it—it’s going to be tough. If you’re like me, you’ll invest in a Bella Band to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy pants as long as possible. But that will only go so far.

Here’s a round-up of retailers that carry pants for us Amazons. If you know of some I’ve missed, please, please leave the name of the outlet in the comments so we can all reap the benefits of one more option when it comes to maternity leg-wear! Check out its maternity section. I keep reading on other sites that carries tall maternity pants with a 36” inseam, but I have yet to see them on the site. They do offer several 34” inseam options though. JCPenney’s online maternity options are easy on the wallet and include lengths that run into the 34-34.5” inseam range. The maternity section of the site carries James Jeans 34” inseam, Paige Premium Jeans 34.5” inseam, Rock & Republic Jeans 35.5” inseam, Citizens of Humanity Jeans 34.5” inseam and Maternal America pants with a 34” inseam. While I don’t have personal experience with this site, I’ve seen it mentioned on blogs and Web sites as another option for us long-legged ladies.

I’ve also been thinking about buying one or two jogging suits/yoga pant sets for after the baby is born to bum around in the first few weeks. I know I’ll want only comfortable clothes to touch my body. I recently noticed that Eddie Bauer has a ton of clothing options for us tallies, including some loungewear that may just fit the bill for those first few weeks post-delivery. They run a bit on the pricey side, but heck our battle-weary crotches deserve it!