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The third anniversary

September 15, 2010

Today my husband and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. For those in the know about these types of things, you’ll note that this is our leather anniversary. As I was hoping this traditional gift guide I found online would help me come up with a last minute gift idea, I am at the same time disappointed and amused. Leather? What gift of the PG-nature can I purchase my husband in leather?

Thankfully Google will  direct you to websites with all sorts of “practical” leather gift ideas:

  • And my favorite–leather men’s travel slip-on shoes–because after all what man doesn’t have slip-on shoes to be used solely for travel?

So in the hopes of finding more realistic gift ideas, I took a look at what the modern third anniversary gift theme is and discovered it’s crystal/glass. With the click of a mouse, I immediately saw the gift that I’d very much like to get my husband. It is here. However, I suspect the Sea of Love Message Gift Bottle with Scroll is more in our price range.

Given that it is actually the day of our anniversary and I don’t have the luxury of time to order something that will take several days to arrive,  I will inevitably end up at Eddie Bauer at some point today to purchase a men’s large tall shirt of some sort. I seriously need to up my gift-buying game.

Not sure I will be redeeming myself at dinner either since my recommendation was to hit up the Rusty Bucket with our 18 month old. Sure to be a romantic evening. Thank goodness I have a low maintenance husband who ROCKS!

Happy anniversary to us!