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Mommy-to-be meets blog

January 8, 2009

Welcome! This is the first post on my new mommy blog. Yes, I’ve joined the ranks of what seems like countless other moms to share my parenting experiences with the blogosphere. But I am not new to blogging. A whopping five to 10 of you have already gone inside my head via my (A)musings blog, which will continue to live alongside this new forum for sharing my thoughts with the world.

I am a soon-to-be a first-time mom. Baby Girl Blue is due March 26. That means as of tomorrow, I will be 11 weeks out from D-Day (aka my due date). None of it has seemed real thus far, but that has started to change. The other day, either my daughter punched me hard or did some some sort of acrobatic stunt in utero that jolted me upright. There is most definitely a creature in there, and I am going to be her mom, which is sort of a scary thought.

Mom is the angel who raised me and my three sisters with what appeared (to me anyway) to be sheer ease. She always said and did the right thing and continues to do that for her four adult children even to this day. She worked full-time while managing to wrangle us all in and be a devoted wife, daughter to her own mother and friend to her many pals. I’m too immature, selfish and impatient to be anything like her. But I will try. One thing I commit to doing (as my mom did for me) is to put surprise notes and occasional treats in my daughter’s lunch bag so she’ll find them mid-day and know she’s  loved a lot.

It is here on this blog that I’ll chronicle bits of my pursuit to be like my mom to my daughter.

Wish me luck!