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What does she look like?

March 10, 2009

I am just shy of 38 weeks pregnant, and I am dying to know what this little girl inside of me looks like. We had an ultrasound today to assess her growth. (I was measuring a bit small at my weekly checkup yesterday, and the doctor ordered one.) While I was worried about her growth, I was also secretly thrilled to get another glimpse of my peanut who I haven’t seen on camera since our 19-week ultrasound.

Thankfully she is on track with her growth and development. If anything, she is on the big side! And I got to see, for a few seconds anyway, a glimpse of her pudgy little face! We have a photo of it, and though I am back at work now, I can’t stop pulling the photo out of my purse to stare at her.

I know come three weeks from now, I will be yearning for a break from her so I can squeeze in a cat nap, but right now, all I want is to see her face and touch her hand.