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Note to self

February 17, 2009

I’ve got about six weeks to go before D-day (delivery day). I will soon be someone’s mom (gasp)! This is kind of a scary proposition to me. Though I am 30, I often feel every bit the child I was 20 years ago. As I visited with my mom yesterday, I hugged her and said aloud, “I can’t be nearly as good at this as you have been.” She assured me I would. Though I am not sure I agree, I will give it my best go.

Today, I decided to write a letter to myself reminding me of special things my mom did with me that I need to replicate with my daughter so she feels as special as I always have in my mom’s eyes. Here goes.

Dear Jacquie,

You can do this! You can be a good mom. If you give it your all, you may even be a more than good. In addition to all the every day support and caring you give your child each day, be sure to make her feel extra special with simple but heartfelt gestures that she may not remember to thank you for but will always cherish. For example,

• Take her to feed the ducks, just you and her.

• Even though you’ll be a working mom, take days off to be a chaperone/driver on school field trips and to attend school plays. She may not admit it, but she’ll love that you were there.

• When she’s old enough to appreciate it, go for mom-daughter manicures and pedicures. Make her feel like a princess.

• On Valentine’s Day, make her a handmade Valentine letting her know she’s the apple of your eye.

• When she goes off to sleepover camp, send her letters before she even departs so she has one or two waiting for her when she arrives.

• Learn to sew even a basic pattern so that some day when she needs an elf hat for the Christmas pageant, you can make her one, and she can tell the other kids, “my mom made this for me!”

• Be her biggest fan on the field and off, in school and out.

• Surprise her with her favorite cookies for no reason at all.

You can do this. You will get as much, if not more, from it than she will. Good luck!

-Jacquie (at 34 weeks)