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A new gig

December 9, 2010

So, recently I wrote about being rejected. I happily write today about being accepted! The Detroit NewsMichMoms blog is allowing me to contribute posts twice a week. I’ve added a link to my Blogroll at right, and you can find my first post here.

Please feel free to send me suggestions for topics on which to write about either here or there. I know many of you who read my blog are moms yourselves. Would love to get an idea of some of the things you struggle with, cherish about being a mom, etc.

Thanks in advance!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

November 15, 2010

Christmas came a little early this year. It wasn’t wrapped, and there were no tags. But my daughter’s closet is full of winter clothes and beautiful dresses for the spring and summer seasons. Her bookshelf is teeming with new titles, including some bearing the coveted Caldecott seal. All this and Thanksgiving has yet to roll around.

Sure a few corners of these books are frayed or missing a page, and yes, a few outfits are likely a shade lighter than they were when on the rack, but that’s the beauty of hand-me-downs. They already have a story.

And now their next chapter begins…

The starring characters: Baby Blue and Baby Blue #2

Directors: Mom and Dad Blue

Costumes: By my elder sister, Lori, who fell in love with outfits for her own baby girl, experienced timeless memories with her in them and then carefully packed them away for my little girl.

Script work: By another of my elder sisters, MB. I certainly did enjoy sifting through books with you last night as you recounted which ones were your little boy’s favorites so I could flag them for mine (yes, we’re having a boy)!

And now, as I begin to field questions about what Baby Blue wants for Christmas, I am at a loss. She has so much already. If only that were the case for everyone. And so I make mention of a worthy cause that would more likely benefit from some Christmas gift giving–the Lighthouse of Oakland County–another Michigan gem.

Every year this organization provides holiday meals, groceries and meal baskets for needy families. Lighthouse also runs a program whereby individuals can “adopt” a needy family and fulfill its Christmas list. I’m always taken aback when the Christmas list for the family we adopt each year arrives and the eight-year-old wants only socks or underwear and his 10-year-old brother desires only a winter coat. You can bet, we search for the warmest coat we can find!

If you are looking for a worthwhile cause this holiday season, Lighthouse of Oakland County certainly fits the bill.

Happy Holidays! 🙂

One apology, two thank you’s

September 23, 2010

Two quick updates:

1. I am sorry to all of you who have been viewing my blog via Internet Explorer. My header has apparently not been appearing for some time, and a blank blue box welcomed you to my blog! Problem has been fixed. A shout out to Hannah Pagel for her design savvy! Thank you, as always, for putting up with my millions of questions.

2. I noticed a surge in traffic to this blog yesterday, and upon closer examination saw that I was linked to by, specifically my post about the passing of Riley, our dog. I suspect that thanks are in order to fellow Medill alum Laura Schocker. Much appreciated Ms. Schocker!

It’s 79 degrees and sunny here in Birmingham, Mich. (gotta plug the Mitten). I’m off for a walk!

The third anniversary

September 15, 2010

Today my husband and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. For those in the know about these types of things, you’ll note that this is our leather anniversary. As I was hoping this traditional gift guide I found online would help me come up with a last minute gift idea, I am at the same time disappointed and amused. Leather? What gift of the PG-nature can I purchase my husband in leather?

Thankfully Google will  direct you to websites with all sorts of “practical” leather gift ideas:

  • And my favorite–leather men’s travel slip-on shoes–because after all what man doesn’t have slip-on shoes to be used solely for travel?

So in the hopes of finding more realistic gift ideas, I took a look at what the modern third anniversary gift theme is and discovered it’s crystal/glass. With the click of a mouse, I immediately saw the gift that I’d very much like to get my husband. It is here. However, I suspect the Sea of Love Message Gift Bottle with Scroll is more in our price range.

Given that it is actually the day of our anniversary and I don’t have the luxury of time to order something that will take several days to arrive,  I will inevitably end up at Eddie Bauer at some point today to purchase a men’s large tall shirt of some sort. I seriously need to up my gift-buying game.

Not sure I will be redeeming myself at dinner either since my recommendation was to hit up the Rusty Bucket with our 18 month old. Sure to be a romantic evening. Thank goodness I have a low maintenance husband who ROCKS!

Happy anniversary to us!

Where I’ll be Wednesday at noon

July 26, 2010

On Facebook, a friend recently asked if anyone had advice for her as she returned to work following maternity leave. A slew of comments (including one from me) followed. Seems everyone has thoughts on this transitional time. One of the comments I particularly enjoyed was one that read “spend a lot of time with your work spouse.” I am not sure if I liked it because a.) it’s true or b.) I like the term “work spouse.” Either way, my comment to her was somewhat similar — spend a lot of time with other working parents.

This was one of the recommendations made to me when I was going back to work after 12 weeks off with Baby Blue. Go to lunch with other working moms. Share your ups and downs. And I have. And I do. And I will continue to do so — that is if I ever take a lunch again. Seems we in corporate America have gotten away from actually acknowledging the lunch hour. We almost need it forced on us as if we were second graders being herded to the cafeteria by our homeroom teachers. Otherwise, the temptation of doing e-mail or reviewing a report while eating a sandwich in front of our computers somehow trumps enjoying the beautiful sunny days that are way too few if you live in the Mitten. While I know it’s illogical to do the former, somehow I typically do, and that’s so not how I want to live my life!

So, I was glad to learn of a movement (again via Facebook) urging America to “Take Back Your Lunch.” In a nutshell, the movement encourages workers across America to actually take their full lunch hour every Wednesday this summer if on no other day during the week (although it’s an encouraged practice for every day). The idea is that by logging off, workers will come back from lunch more energized and ready to be more productive than if they had lunched at their desk.

So in typical corporate America fashion, I’ve blocked the Wednesday lunch hour off  on my Outlook calendar so I’ll be reminded to take back my lunch for at least one day this week. If you’re in the area (Birmingham, MI) and want to take back your lunch while I take back mine — let’s meet up. Weather permitting, I’ll be in Shain Park!

A Michigan gem for moms and their daughters

February 27, 2010

From time to time, my husband and I will ask each other questions like, “if money were no issue, what would we want to do with our lives?” I always list off the usual suspects: travel more, become a master gardener, walk our dogs more, write a novel, learn to use the sewing machine in my closet, take piano lessons once again, etc. Then we inevitably get to the point in the conversation where we discuss whether we’d miss “work” if we didn’t have to do it. We both decide that yes, even if we didn’t have to, we’d most likely want to work in some capacity.

On more than one occasion, when contemplating what I’d do if I could do anything, I’ve expressed my desire to him to own and run a small tea room in the city next to the one in which we live. The Franklin Village Tea Room is like a page out of a story book. To me, this little eatery seems like it belongs in some New England town, but lucky for me, it’s a mere five minute drive from my home. This establishment, which I can best describe as completely charming, often hosts young girls celebrating their Sweet 16, red hat clubs meeting for a cup of afternoon tea, girlfriends catching up on the goings-on in each others’ lives, and families celebrating the arrival of a new little miracle with a baby shower.

Antique tea sets and feathery flowing hats decorate this small room where the menu is generally always the same, and the atmosphere is one of whimsy. At Christmas, white lights line the windows, and though I’ve never been there during the Christmas season, I imagine it smells like cinnamon and gingerbread. (It surely would if I ever worked there!)

Though I’ve only patronized this establishment one time, I’ve driven past it at least a hundred. I believe that I may have liked it so much, in part, because three generations of my family enjoyed blackberry tea and finger sandwiches there on a sunny Wednesday afternoon last summer and created a memory captured in the photo below.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have a hand in running the Franklin Village Tea Room or something like it, but I’m grateful someone does because it means I get to continue driving by this little place. And that makes me happy.

Mitten state offerings

July 10, 2009

I recently added the word “Michigan” to my masthead. So no longer am I just “Mom Meets Baby,” I’m now “Michigan Mom Meets Baby.” I am one of this state’s biggest fans, and if ever Michigan needed a fourth quarter comeback, now’s the time! I want to help promote this great state, so from time to time, I’ll be posting about my favorite Michigan destinations, Michigan-based businesses and the like.

mhc_shpo_bayview1_48648_7First up is my love for a community in Michigan that my husband and I stumbled upon a year ago this week while vacationing in Northern Michigan. Visiting Bay View is like taking a step back in time. The 440 cottages that make up this community vary from impressively big and beautfiul to tiny and utterly charming. Many cottages are available for rent, and the beautifully restored Terrace Inn (the B&B where we stayed), sits in the middle of it all with great food and even greater ambiance. Concerts, theatrical performances and other free and open-to-the-public events abound in summer months, and Bay View residents and visitors have access to a private beach on Little Traverse Bay.

If you’ve got a favorite Michigan destination you’d like to share, post it in the comments!