Stealing a stranger’s sentiment

We welcomed a son into our family on March 30. We are so blessed and thankful for his health and his very being! I see God in this little boy at every turn it seems.

Prior to giving birth to the little guy, I had a conversation with my sister, herself a mom of three, about how I could ever love another child like I do my two-year-old daughter. I just couldn’t comprehend being able to have that much love for another child. She assured me that I would.

As per usual, she was most certainly right. And for the past 13 days, I’ve been thinking about how I could convey this feeling of love for my now two children. It came to me today in the words of a woman by the name of Heather Lende, a stranger to me but someone who shared her story in the May issue of Woman’s Day magazine that arrived in the mail earlier today. The issue is devoted to moms in this, the lead-up to Mother’s Day. At three points while reading through the issue and pumping breast milk into freezer bags, I was brought to tears. Seems the post-pregnancy hormones are still very much circulating through my body (as if I needed more evidence–thank you chronic night sweats).

Ms. Lende is the mother of five, four biological children and one daughter she adopted from Bulgaria 11 years ago. In the article, she talks about how when each of her babies was placed in her arms, she had a similar overwhelming sense of love and responsibility for this new being. She experienced those same feelings when a nine-year-old Bulgarian gypsy became her daughter through the miracle of adoption. Ms. Lende writes, “There is no occupancy limit on a mother’s heart. It expands with each child, whether you gave birth to that child or not–you just add another room.”

I loved it–particularly the “no occupancy limit” bit. Another room has indeed been added to my heart. It’s baby Brendan’s. Love you with all my “no-occupancy-limit” heart little boy. Welcome to our world!

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2 Responses to “Stealing a stranger’s sentiment”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Congratulations on your newest addition! I still feel the same way after now 28 months since Sophie was born, I still stare at her in awe and love and love her so much i could eat her up! LOL and I also have an 18 yr old πŸ™‚ I agree with that mom , your heart just expands and makes more room..I worried, like you did, when pregnant with Sophie, how could i *possibly* love another like my first and only at the time? But the moment she arrived, she was a wonderful edition that keeps us all in love with her and none of us can remember a time without her in our lives πŸ™‚ Best wishes!! and Hugs to both your babies from us!

  2. Heather Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the kind words about my May Woman’s Day column. I really appreciate it. Good luck with the new baby, motherhood, family adjustment thing, it gets easier, I promise. – Heather

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