I knew a guy in college who, like many of us during our senior year, went on a series of job interviews. He was interested in a career in consulting I believe. He probably interviewed with at least 20 different companies. He received a lot of rejection letters–so many so that he began posting them around his room as wallpaper. Soon they took over. It became a running joke–how many rejection letters could Mike collect before the end of the year?

I know his pain. I have been pitching numerous magazines over the last year to take on some freelance writing work. I’ve followed each publication’s instructions as absurd as some of them are (e.g. contact us only on the third Wednesday of even-numbered months after 2 p.m. EST in e-mail. NO PHONE CALLS!).  I’ve been as polite as I know how to be and generated what I think have been some decently creative story ideas.

Guess not.

I have a “virtual” pile of rejection letters that would rival my friend Mike’s. So taking a page from his example, I thought I’d start sharing them with others so they can feel my pain or at least get a laugh. Some are very polite. Some are kinda mean. But thankfully my skin is a bit thick after 10+ years in the work world. Heck–I work in PR. If I didn’t have a thick skin, I’d be curled up in the fetal position under my desk by 2 p.m. every afternoon.

Not only am I hoping that these letters (well e-mails mostly) will entertain, I am hoping that they will provide me continued motivation to keep pitching because sometimes it works even if it does take nine attempts–true story! So here are a few recent rejection notes to get us started. More to come I’m sure! 🙂

A nice one from American Baby magazine:

Thanks, Jacquie, for thinking of us with this idea, but we already have something in the works on this subject.

All the best,

A not so nice one from a publication to remain unnamed:

Hi Jacquie,

Unfortunately, your writing style is not in line with XXXXX. Also, your pitch was not between 100 and 130 words.


Ahhh….the joys of trying to be a writer!

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