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Discovering mom in the Christmas tree

December 17, 2010

My 21-month-old daughter idolizes her dada, and it warms my heart. But from time to time, I get to feeling a little bit like chopped liver. Especially when she pulls family photos off the shelf and points out only daddy in images that very clearly and prominently feature the both of us. No mention is ever made of the fair maiden (aka mom) on her beloved father’s arm. Even when asked, “who’s that next to daddy?” she typically has no response.

With the holiday season in full swing, we have a Christmas tree trimmed and on display in our living room. It contains many ornaments with photos of her or of her mom and dad  on their wedding day. Of course in these photos, her eyes zoom in on her hero, and she loves to pull the photo ornaments from the tree to gaze at dada and repeat his name. Honestly, it’s getting a little old.

But the other day, she came running to me with an ornament she had retrieved from a tree branch and began shouting “mama, mama” as she approached. I looked at what she was holding and couldn’t help but smile. She saw some resemblance to me in one of the “nine ladies dancing” that are part of a set of ornaments representing the “12 Days of Christmas” that were passed down to our family from my parents.

And it wasn’t a fluke. She has done it several times since then. While I don’t know that I am the lightest of foot when it comes to dancing, I quite like that she thinks I resemble this young lass who obviously keeps on top of her roots (me not so much) and is way more curvy than her real life lookalike.

You can bet this ornament will remain in the rotation for years to come!

A new gig

December 9, 2010

So, recently I wrote about being rejected. I happily write today about being accepted! The Detroit NewsMichMoms blog is allowing me to contribute posts twice a week. I’ve added a link to my Blogroll at right, and you can find my first post here.

Please feel free to send me suggestions for topics on which to write about either here or there. I know many of you who read my blog are moms yourselves. Would love to get an idea of some of the things you struggle with, cherish about being a mom, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Some of the best television out there

December 7, 2010

We watch a lot of “Sesame Street” around the Bluethmann household. Our little girl has what you might call an obsession with Elmo and his many friends. And now, after having taken in many hours of the show, I can honestly say that “Sesame Street” is pretty awesome. I am convinced that many of the new additions to my daughter’s vocabulary are a direct result of watching the show. I know it has certainly helped her to grasp the concept of counting and to learn her ABC’s.

Since my husband and I typically watch it with her, we both have our favorite and not-so-favorite characters (my husband likens Baby Bear’s baby talk to nails on a chalkboard), skits (I always get a kick out of the Tall Tall Texan) and songs. But without a doubt my favorite “Sesame Street” moments are when famous celebrities make an appearance. Often they perform a custom rendition of one of their hits like this gem that follows from Jason Mraz.

I am also particularly fond of this guest appearance by Norah Jones performing a twist on her hit “Don’t Know Why” about being stood up by–you guessed it–the letter Y.

Though I am careful not to let my daughter watch too much tv, I am OK with letting her hang with Oscar, Grover, Ernie and Elmo. They’re actually pretty cool cats.

Pregnant women are smug

December 2, 2010

Too funny. Thanks for sharing Carrie!


December 1, 2010

I knew a guy in college who, like many of us during our senior year, went on a series of job interviews. He was interested in a career in consulting I believe. He probably interviewed with at least 20 different companies. He received a lot of rejection letters–so many so that he began posting them around his room as wallpaper. Soon they took over. It became a running joke–how many rejection letters could Mike collect before the end of the year?

I know his pain. I have been pitching numerous magazines over the last year to take on some freelance writing work. I’ve followed each publication’s instructions as absurd as some of them are (e.g. contact us only on the third Wednesday of even-numbered months after 2 p.m. EST in e-mail. NO PHONE CALLS!).  I’ve been as polite as I know how to be and generated what I think have been some decently creative story ideas.

Guess not.

I have a “virtual” pile of rejection letters that would rival my friend Mike’s. So taking a page from his example, I thought I’d start sharing them with others so they can feel my pain or at least get a laugh. Some are very polite. Some are kinda mean. But thankfully my skin is a bit thick after 10+ years in the work world. Heck–I work in PR. If I didn’t have a thick skin, I’d be curled up in the fetal position under my desk by 2 p.m. every afternoon.

Not only am I hoping that these letters (well e-mails mostly) will entertain, I am hoping that they will provide me continued motivation to keep pitching because sometimes it works even if it does take nine attempts–true story! So here are a few recent rejection notes to get us started. More to come I’m sure! 🙂

A nice one from American Baby magazine:

Thanks, Jacquie, for thinking of us with this idea, but we already have something in the works on this subject.

All the best,

A not so nice one from a publication to remain unnamed:

Hi Jacquie,

Unfortunately, your writing style is not in line with XXXXX. Also, your pitch was not between 100 and 130 words.


Ahhh….the joys of trying to be a writer!