Did she say bum-biting alligators??

Well, we’ve decided to give this another go (having a baby that is). And come April 7 (or thereabouts), Baby Blue #2 will join our crazy little household. Hooray!

I’ve set some goals for myself before the newbie’s arrival, and high on that list is having Baby Blue #1 sitting on the “potty chair” while not fully clothed. Yes, the potty chair is of interest to one curly-headed toddler who resides in our household, but I use the term “interest” lightly. Who knew a potty chair could double as a ladder and a paddling pool? Apparently she did.

Conscious of not wanting her to see the potty chair as the enemy, I haven’t forced her to sit on it. But I was excited and amused to find her in the bathroom on the potty chair fully clothed the other evening. At least she isn’t afraid alligators are going to bite her bum from inside the potty before swallowing her whole (I may or may not have harbored such a worry as a young child).

Wish me luck as I endeavor to coach Miss Meghan how to live diaper free. Oh, and wish me luck on raising this little guy or gal (my hunch) debuting this spring. The roller coaster ride continues!

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2 Responses to “Did she say bum-biting alligators??”

  1. sherry Says:

    All I can say is have lots and lots of M&M’s at your house! 🙂 I trained both of mine with those wonderful chocolates(yes, I realize that is bribery! But it worked.) I think Meghan will do fine!

  2. StephanieinSuburbia Says:

    This is the first time reading your blog, I totally cracked up with the alligator comment! I could never flush when I was little. I was positive the entire world would tornado down inside. Very funny post.

    We are hoping to try for BABY 2 ourselves this spring. My daughter is almost a year, so we’ll see if we can start potty-training before any of that goes down. I’m not holding a lot of hope.

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