Mom and baby meet Michigan Ave

I lived in Chicago for six years and spent three of those years working on the city’s Magnificent Mile. It was an awesome place to work. Shopping and dining options abounded, and I regularly spent my lunch hour window shopping or enjoying the tasty cuisine seemingly available at every corner.

On more than one occasion during those three years, I encountered a tourist and her little girl asking for directions to the American Girl Store. The little girl would be holding tightly on to her mom’s hand working hard to keep from jumping out of her pants. I would happily point them in the direction of Mecca and smile as they walked away. On many more occasions, I found myself behind families making their way back down the street weighed down by the trademark red shopping bags undoubtedly stuffed with a “Kit,” a “Felicity” or perhaps a “Bitty Baby.”

I even made it inside American Girl once during those years to meet my sister who brought by niece to the city to experience the magic of the store (where you can also have tea with your doll seated next to you in a high chair or catch a live show with real girls cast as the famous dolls).

Last week, I was in Chicago visiting a loved one in the hospital just a block away from the Magnificent Mile. My husband offered to take me and my daughter to lunch to get away from the hospital for a bit. We took him up on his offer. The sun was shining on this beautiful day in Chicago, and we decided to take a stroll after our meal. On a whim, we made our way toward American Girl curious to see if our toddler would have any reaction to this special place.

We figured at 19 months, she was way too little to appreciate it, but were curious to see her reaction nonetheless. We walked in the door, and our daughter’s eyes grew big. She smiled as she pointed out “horsies” and “babies” on display. She then broke free and began roaming on her own. Her favorite thing was undoubtedly the strollers on display for customers to try out. She grabbed the handles and maneuvered first a double and then a single stroller like a pro. She was in heaven.

Tears came promptly when we finally picked her up and made our way out the door after spending time taking in the cast of dolls and their many accessories. But I know we will be back. And I am quite excited at the thought of making our way down Michigan Avenue with roles reversed when we are the excited mom and daughter, and I get to witness her experience the magic of American Girl.

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One Response to “Mom and baby meet Michigan Ave”

  1. Mary Launi Says:

    Amerian girl is a very special place! My girls still talk about the lunch we had there.

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