Inside my head (it can be a strange place)

Since having a child, I have come up with some pretty bizarre scenarios for things that could go wrong. I’m beginning to wonder if I am really paranoid, really strange or really paranoid and really strange…

For it’s scenarios such as these that pepper my thoughts from time to time: when I have my daughter in a grocery cart and return to my car after exiting the grocery store, do I put the baby in the car first and then the groceries or the other way around? If I put her in first, and then I get hit by a car when returning the cart to the corral, will EMS know to look in my car for a baby if I am unconscious?

Another example, when my husband is out of town, my paranoia turns up full throttle. Before I had a baby, I used to lock our bedroom door at night when he would travel. But now I can’t lock the bedroom door if my sleeping daughter down the hall is completely exposed to potential burglars. Should I bring her into bed with me and lock us both in my bedroom knowing neither of us will sleep well but that we’ll be safer behind a locked door?

And finally, when we turn on our attic fan, we need the windows open so air can circulate. But what if by leaving my 16-month-old daughter’s bedroom window slightly open, she (who has never climbed out of her crib before) somehow scaled her crib railing, ran to the window, hoisted  herself up, knocked out the screen and base jumped down to the grass below?

I realize by revealing hypothetical scenarios such as these that you are getting a peek under the curtain at the odd goings-on in my head. I suspect, though, that  I am not alone in my worrying ways. Any other moms ever conjure up what-ifs like these?

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4 Responses to “Inside my head (it can be a strange place)”

  1. Kris Says:

    I laughed out loud at your thoughts about the crib. I think the same thing. Glad to know someone else’s mind runs wild. It’s a good thing moms don’t have a lot of free time to let our thoughts wander.

  2. Lori Says:

    I also laughed out loud reading this because I too have had many a paranoid thought since my oldest was born 8 years ago. At least I know I am not the only crazy mom out there! The joys of motherhood!

  3. Rachel Says:

    I love this post. Your troubled, brilliant mind. Worry is imagination gone awry, my dear, and you have a wicked one. Lying in bed, I plan fire escape routes. I’ve decided to throw the ladder out the side window, climb out and down 2 rungs, call the dog over, grab him with both hands and transfer to one arm, and the proceed down. His skiddish nature worries me though — will he come when called?

    • Jacquie Says:

      Laughed out loud at this comment Rachel! I suspect that Argus would pick up on the danger of a house fire and come willingly to you at the window! The sad thing is that now that I’m a mom, my what-if scenario planning rarely includes the dogs (I would never have thought that before having a child, but sadly they have become chopped liver)!

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