*#!% happens

The other day my husband turned to me and said, “Did you ever in your life think you’d be surrounded by so much poop?” Between our two big dogs (a full grown lab and golden retriever) and a young toddler, we see more than our fair share of the “big P” on a daily basis. It’s so much a part of our daily routine that I am not even phased by it anymore. As Forrest Gump and the bumper sticker so adequately communicate “shit happens.”

Hard to believe my relaxed attitude given that I literally threw up on my parents’ lawn when, around age seven or so, I took on the task of scooping up the dog messes in the yard at my parents’ request.

Today, I barely bat an eye as I change a third dirty diaper or scoop up 12 messes in the backyard as I do on just about any given weekend. While I would hardly call these tasks pleasant, they are part of the package, and I willingly take them for the hours of fun my canine pals provide and the sheer joy our little girl brings to our lives.

Would that all the world’s occupants experience the joy of so much sh%# in their life. Might make this world an even more wonderful place to be!

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