My next indulgence

Growing up, the smell of Chanel No. 5  (in the black bottle) meant only one thing to me: babysitter coming. Though I’m sure age has made my recollection somewhat cloudy, I recall my mom wearing this fragrance only when headed for a rare evening out with my dad. It always made me panic a little to catch a whiff and know she’d be away for the evening. (If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know I’ve always been slightly too attached to her.)

To this day, Chanel No. 5 still reminds me of my mom and the panic I’d feel knowing someone else would tuck me in. I wonder what, if any, scent will remind my daughter of me. Right now, I’m guessing it would be Tide since lately she has given to burrowing her head into my chest to relieve what I can only guess is an itchy nose.

Tide’s not so bad, but I think I may just pick up some Chanel No. 5 to continue the tradition.

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