This actually happened

DSC02176See this photo? Which bag would you guess is the diaper bag, and which the computer bag? Hopefully now you can see why it was understandable that I should arrive at work on Monday morning to discover that instead of my laptop, I was pulling baby wipes and a onesie out from what I thought was my computer bag!  I suppose this is a lesson to those moms-to-be (or others in the market for a diaper bag) that there’s a reason so many diaper bags are a brilliant shade of  pink and covered with baby bunnies playing ukeleles. It’s so crazies like me clearly select the appropriate bag for the appropriate occasion. I think a few people at the office got at least a smile out of my excuse for getting a later-than-usual start to the day after having to return home to retrieve my computer. I know it provided me with an oft-needed reminder to try to slow my marathon run down to a jog every once in a while.

Still, I think I need a new diaper bag. Any suggestions?

(Oh and btw, the bag on the right is the diaper bag……I think)

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2 Responses to “This actually happened”

  1. Lori Says:

    Classic mom moment! It will not be your last. It is all part of the fun!!!

  2. Alicia Says:

    I love my Zosephine. Their website is I have the orange one and I’m amazed at how well it goes with most of what I wear. Plus it’s very distinctive. The company donates money to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which I think is really great.

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