“Ferris”ism rings true

ferrisI was out of town for work for about 36 hours earlier this week. First time away from baby, and I slept like a champ. (I probably shouldn’t sound quite so jubilant, but it was sooo nice to have an uninterrupted night of sleep)!

On Wednesday morning, I drove to a parking garage in downtown Chicago where I parked my rental car on floor 614 (or so it seemed as I coiled around and around and around the garage to the one vacant spot in sight). I had a lot on my mind as I maneuvered into a spot next to a couple emerging from their own vehicle. I was joining five co-workers at a new business pitch later that day. I had been reviewing the points I wanted to make during this presentation as I put the car into park. I was also silently missing my little girl. I was wrapped up in these thoughts when I noticed the woman emerging from the car next to me, and she was VERY pregnant.

Now as a recent pregger myself, I feel a certain kinship to women going through pregnancy. It wasn’t long ago I was carting around 41 (yes 41) extra pounds of body weight myself. And this woman was the about-to-give-birth-on-the-concrete-floor kind of pregnant looking ready to pop. I then observed her husband pulling a large duffel bag, a pillow and what resembled a diaper bag from the trunk of this car. She was in labor!! They were arriving to give birth to a new life!

How very different their day was going to be from mine. I was wearing my one and only business suit that makes about four appearances outside of my closet a year. She was wearing yoga pants and a long-sleeve T. I was carrying a computer bag and a cup of tea. She was carrying a pillow and a person! I was turned around in this maze of a parking garage. She marched forward with purpose in the direction of Northwestern Hospital to deliver a child. I was going to remember this day because I had a challenging new business pitch ahead of me and missed my daughter terribly. She was going to remember this day because she brought life into the world! The whole encounter lasted no more than two minutes, but I was struck by the appropriateness of a quote that I try to bring to mind every so often when I need a reality check:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris  Bueller

Congrats mystery woman and man. Welcome to the world little baby!

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