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The Marathon

July 31, 2009

I’ve never run 26.2 miles, but I would imagine it’s right up there as one of the most physically and mentally challenging undertakings that people actually choose to put themselves through. I think being a working mom might be somewhat similar. I feel like I’m part of a long distance run where if I stop I might not get started again!

Since Baby Blue arrived, my M.O. has been to take one day at a time, to get all the essentials done and get to the non-essentials when I can. So that may mean letting the dogs out to do their business, but that their businss may sit in its spot on the lawn for a week or more before it’s picked up. The former is an essential (unless you’re this man). The latter not so much. Likewise, I may run the dirty bottles through the dishwasher, but the spoons, bowls and plates may sit there for a few days until I find myself eating yogurt with a fork.  Just keep moving I tell myself.

Last night, my marathon pace became more like a brisk walk. I saw an opportunity to do something non-essential that was too good to pass up—a free concert in the park! Because I’m so used to running, I did struggle to relax (I do admit to pulling out my Blackberry more than once), but I saw through the fog of my marathon exhaustion to capitalize on a great photo opp and a reminder of why I started running in the first place.

Gotta love the Flip cam… now back to my run!

Twirling, a new tradition

July 27, 2009

There’s a scene in the movie You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan’s character closes her bookshop after more than 40 years of operation. She grew up in that store, which her now deceased mom owned before her, and the two made it a habit to twirl hand in hand amid the books throughout the years. As Meg’s character shuts off the lights for the last time in her bookstore, she looks out at the empty book cases and sees herself as a young girl twirling around with her mother.

I think that sounds like a pretty good idea. Meghan doesn’t quite have her sea legs about her yet, but  you can bet as soon she does, we’ll be twirling.

“Ferris”ism rings true

July 24, 2009

ferrisI was out of town for work for about 36 hours earlier this week. First time away from baby, and I slept like a champ. (I probably shouldn’t sound quite so jubilant, but it was sooo nice to have an uninterrupted night of sleep)!

On Wednesday morning, I drove to a parking garage in downtown Chicago where I parked my rental car on floor 614 (or so it seemed as I coiled around and around and around the garage to the one vacant spot in sight). I had a lot on my mind as I maneuvered into a spot next to a couple emerging from their own vehicle. I was joining five co-workers at a new business pitch later that day. I had been reviewing the points I wanted to make during this presentation as I put the car into park. I was also silently missing my little girl. I was wrapped up in these thoughts when I noticed the woman emerging from the car next to me, and she was VERY pregnant.

Now as a recent pregger myself, I feel a certain kinship to women going through pregnancy. It wasn’t long ago I was carting around 41 (yes 41) extra pounds of body weight myself. And this woman was the about-to-give-birth-on-the-concrete-floor kind of pregnant looking ready to pop. I then observed her husband pulling a large duffel bag, a pillow and what resembled a diaper bag from the trunk of this car. She was in labor!! They were arriving to give birth to a new life!

How very different their day was going to be from mine. I was wearing my one and only business suit that makes about four appearances outside of my closet a year. She was wearing yoga pants and a long-sleeve T. I was carrying a computer bag and a cup of tea. She was carrying a pillow and a person! I was turned around in this maze of a parking garage. She marched forward with purpose in the direction of Northwestern Hospital to deliver a child. I was going to remember this day because I had a challenging new business pitch ahead of me and missed my daughter terribly. She was going to remember this day because she brought life into the world! The whole encounter lasted no more than two minutes, but I was struck by the appropriateness of a quote that I try to bring to mind every so often when I need a reality check:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris  Bueller

Congrats mystery woman and man. Welcome to the world little baby!

Heel hunt is on

July 23, 2009

Picture1I wonder if you’re wondering if I really own a pair of four-inch hot pink stilettos. I don’t. But I wish I did. Well kinda. More accurately, I wish I had the balls to wear ’em. I’m about an eighth of inch shy of being five feet, 11 inches tall, a and I’ve struggled with my height off and on for about as long as I can remember. But I love the way high heels look and make me feel when I wear them–which isn’t often if I’m being honest.

But I thought I’d have a little fun with this. If anyone comes across a killer pair of pink stilettos, send me a link (either by posting a comment or e-mailing me–see About Me for my e-mail address)! I’ll be on the lookout myself. And once I collect some options, I’ll post the links in an upcoming blog, add a poll to this site and crowdsource the best option. Then I’ll purchase a pair and wear them out on a night on the town. I’ll document in video and photo my experience looming tall in my pink pumps and post the fun here.


Mitten state offerings

July 10, 2009

I recently added the word “Michigan” to my masthead. So no longer am I just “Mom Meets Baby,” I’m now “Michigan Mom Meets Baby.” I am one of this state’s biggest fans, and if ever Michigan needed a fourth quarter comeback, now’s the time! I want to help promote this great state, so from time to time, I’ll be posting about my favorite Michigan destinations, Michigan-based businesses and the like.

mhc_shpo_bayview1_48648_7First up is my love for a community in Michigan that my husband and I stumbled upon a year ago this week while vacationing in Northern Michigan. Visiting Bay View is like taking a step back in time. The 440 cottages that make up this community vary from impressively big and beautfiul to tiny and utterly charming. Many cottages are available for rent, and the beautifully restored Terrace Inn (the B&B where we stayed), sits in the middle of it all with great food and even greater ambiance. Concerts, theatrical performances and other free and open-to-the-public events abound in summer months, and Bay View residents and visitors have access to a private beach on Little Traverse Bay.

If you’ve got a favorite Michigan destination you’d like to share, post it in the comments!

Does it…?

July 8, 2009

Does it make me a bad mom if I sometimes wake my baby daughter up when she is well into her REM slumber so that I can hold her? Does it make me a bad employee if I sometimes make my way to Shutterfly to look at photos of her during the workday? Does it make me a bad friend that sometimes I just want to stay in rather than go out solely so I can spend more time with my daughter? Does it make me a bad wife that in the wee hours of yesterday morning I lowered my voice three octaves and demanded, in what can only be described as a growl, that my husband tend to our crying daughter so I could grab a few more winks? Does it make me a bad pet owner that my dogs have become second class citizens since the baby’s arrival?

I didn’t think so…

From Huffy to Graco

July 4, 2009

DSC02042I was in a parade today. I haven’t been able to say that in about 20 years. I even waved a flag. But instead of decorating my Huffy Sweet Thunder two-wheeler for the big Fourth of July festivities as I did the last time I was in a parade circa 1989, I decorated a Graco stroller, which held my 15-week-old daughter. Just a few things have changed in these past 20 years!

But my enthusiasm for decorating the stroller was just as strong, if not stronger, today as it was all those years ago when tackling my bike. And boy how the decor options have expanded! In years past, crepe paper was about the extent of the options at your local Meijer. Not so anymore. I could’ve filled a basket with red, white and blue garland, patriotic bows, and flags of all sizes. I was giddy with delight as I made my selections.

As we lined up behind the fire truck that would lead the parade through our neighborhood late this morning, I smiled to myself. I sure have missed these kinds of activities. Since I got back from today’s Independence Day festivities, I’ve been thinking about all the parade-like activities that await as I begin the second childhood that having a daughter will afford me. And let me tell you, I can’t wait for the carnival rides, picnics in the park, and future Fourth of July parades to come.

Happy 4th and a salute to all our troops!