Time to get out

travel-michigan-lake-of-the-cloudsBetween work and the baby, I find myself spending less time outdoors than I’d like. But last night I spent a few minutes on my deck soaking in the smell of summer while sitting on one of our too infrequently used adirondack chairs. Funnily enough, it was my dog who got me out there–she refused to come inside.

It was overcast and a bit cooler than usual, but I consciously took in a few deep breaths of Michigan air. There’s nothing quite like a summer in Michigan, and every time I hear the Tim Allen narrated Pure Michigan ads I’m reminded why I left the big city to move back to a state that thousands are fleeing en masse.

There are lakes everywhere here–big ones, small ones and even one in my backyard (Ok, it’s really more like a ditch filled with standing water, but a girl can dream, can’t she?). There are towns that take the word quaint to a new level. There are people who say “Up North,” and though that can encompass hundreds of cities north of the 45th Parallel, Michiganders and Michigan enthusiasts alike simply nod in understanding.

So many of my childhood summer vacations involved packing up the station wagon and pointing it north or enjoying a “staycation” and turning to the local waters where a sturdy stick, some twine and a solitary hook were all that was required to catch dozens of sunfish.

With these precious days of summer now upon us, let’s all make a conscious effort to follow my dog’s lead and refuse to come inside.

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