Ode to Billy B. on his first Father’s Day

I know this is a “mommy blog” of sorts, but I feel it only apropos that on this, the eve of Father’s Day, that this post be focused on the father of my baby girl and the love of my life. It has been so enjoyable to see my hubby as a dad. I always knew it was the role he was born to play, and I haven’t been disappointed.

So I offer this “Ode to Billy B. on His First Father’s Day” and my heartfelt thanks for giving me the second love of my life.

Ode to Billy B. on His First Father’s Day

Even though our babe is only a tot

She needs to know that you love her a lot

So you sing and talk in funny voices

And can uncannily replicate her snorts and other bodily noises.

You sing her the Dance-eriffic ditty

That contains little but jibberish and nothing at all witty.

But you sing it anyway with gusto and zest

So she knows it’s her whom you love the best.

You call her Meggy Spaghetti, the peanut and Smiley Joe

And, with me, dream of all the places she’ll go.

You love it when she wears the yellow sleeper

In it you can’t help but hold and keep her

Close to your chest where she can hear your heart beat

While she squeals and smiles while  kicking her feet.

You gave her your blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight

And that dark dark hair that draws comments from left and from right!

You painted her room at your wifey’s request

And made sure you gave it your very best.

For Baby Girl would be sleeping in that very nursery

So the paint job had to be anything but cursory.

You watched in awe as we first saw her on ultrasound

Squeezing my hand when she did flips upside down.

Late at night, you’ll pull me by the hand to take a peek

At our little baby when she’s fast asleep.

In the morning you jump from bed in a hurry

At the first sounds of stirring that come from her nursery

To pick up our peanut and witness her morning smiles

Because they are many, and they make it all worthwhile.

On this, your first Father’s Day, I say thanks on behalf of our special girl

And offer my own thanks to you for our Meghan, our pearl.

Bill and MKB3

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