On spinning wheels and other such things…

My baby girl just graduated from size 0-3 months to size 3-6 months. I’m not entirely surprised by this (though she is only two and half months old) as my husband and I aren’t exactly petite. But as I fitted her in a new pink Gerber sleeper for bed last night, I noticed some wording imprinted on her PJs. It read, “….my fairy tale has just begun…” What a fun and whimsical way to look at the journey that will be her life!

And then I inevitably started thinking about my own life. Would I consider it a fairy tale? Fairy tales are typified by beautiful people with the fairest of skin, magical happenings, and, of course, happy endings. Real life certainly doesn’t always enfold quite as neatly.

But then I began to think about fairy tales a bit further. Cinderella’s own stepmother inflicted some pretty harsh emotional abuse upon her. Snow White spent some time entombed in a glass coffin while in a coma her father’s wife caused. The Little Mermaid had to choose between life on land with her soul mate and life in the sea with her beloved father and sisters. These fairy tale heroines sustained some pretty bizarre things to get to their happy endings. Perhaps our lives are more like fairy tales than we think.

Actually, the more I think about it, my life isn’t completely unlike a fairy tale. After all, I was raised by a fairy Godmother…well she wasn’t really a fairy, and she wasn’t really my Godmother, and to be honest she did have the help of a wise sage whom I and my sisters like to call the Gray Hair (aka dad), but I like to refer to her as a fairy Godmother nonetheless. I did meet Prince Charming (who though he made me wait for some time, did eventually come on to the scene). And while I don’t live in a pumpkin or a big blue castle on a cloud, I do have a pretty great home with a kick ass vegetable garden where we attempt to grow pumpkins. And now that I think about it, something magical did happen to me not too long ago; my baby girl came into the world and took over my heart. So I guess I am living a fairy tale–perhaps we all are. If so, I offer this advice: it’s probably best to decline the offer of an apple from suspicious strangers, always heed your midnight curfew and  avoid spinning wheels at all costs!

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