Plugs for my peeps

So in addition to blogging about life and impending motherhood here, I have been contributing to a blog for working moms known as Work It. I was asked by the editor of this site if I would be interested in reviewing a product appropriate for someone expecting a newborn. I said sure. A little free swag and a chance to write about something relevant to me as a soon-to-be mom? Why not.

So I did my first official review. I enjoyed this a lot and hope that I helped the company and the blog’s readers by providing an honest assessment of the product. I should mention that in my professional life we do some outreach to mommy bloggers on behalf of our clients. So often I am on the other end of these exchanges trying to track down interested moms and send them relevant product for reviews.

As I’ve visited many of these mommy blogs, I’ve noticed most of these women have a policy on whether they’ll accept product samples, whether they want to be compensated for their review, etc. I have no such formal policy as of yet since I don’t know if anyone cares what I have to say about anything! I’ve never been a mom before. Everything I see at Babies ‘R’ Us seems like something I need (someone please help me before I deplete my savings on pacifiers and baby blankets), and I only recently learned what Dreft was—to think I almost washed baby’s clothes in regular detergent!

But in all honesty, I think it’s great that companies are reaching out to real consumers as long as it’s entirely transparent on both sides. It’s fabulous to see women looking to other women in similar situations for advice even though they’re complete strangers. I actually got a baby shower gift idea, the book Humpty Who?, from perusing a mommy blog and accompanying video promoted on So this word-of-mouth stuff shared via mommy blogs really does work.

And since I’m full of endorsements and recommendations today, I thought I’d plug one more thing. My brother-in-law started a blog where people can write in to share where they saw God today. I’ve added it to my blogroll, and I encourage you to check it out for a few minutes of feel-good reading to help you get through your day. Heck, we could all use a reminder every now and the of just what makes it all worthwhile.

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