Fat face photos not for me

I completely agree that pregnancy is beautiful. But I’m not so sure it’s beautiful on me. My friends, many of whom live in other states, keep asking me to send them photos of my pregnant self. I have been reluctant to do so thus far. I am not exactly a pretty pregger. Meaning, I have gained weight in areas other than simply my gut, namely my face. But also my ankles. Yes, folks I am retaining water as they say!

And while I know my symptoms will go away after delivery, I don’ t exactly want to be the star of any photos during this time. Sure, I posed for pictures at my baby shower and other family events, but I am by no means seeking out the camera.

And lately, I’ve started to wonder if I am being completely selfish. Several people I know have had professional pregnancy pictures taken showcasing their pregnant bellies, and the radiant time that is pregnancy. It’s kind of cool. But me, I don’t want anything to do with a photo shoot. It even took me a few days to build up the courage to open the Snapfish photos my sister sent me from my baby shower. (I have issues. I know this.)

But I’d be curious to hear what the blogosphere has to say about this. Am I alone? Am I selfish for not capturing this time forever in film for my children to look back on when flipping through their baby books, or are others excited about the birth of their babies but in no way eager to document their growing bodies on film?

One Response to “Fat face photos not for me”

  1. Lori Says:

    There are two types of pregnant people, those who love every minute of it and those who love the baby inside but not the process. During each of my three pregnancies I never felt “radiant” or “beautiful”. The last thing I wanted was a photo shoot showcasing my ever growing belly! SO… do not feel gulity about your avoidance of a camera lens. Believe me when the baby arrives you will feel “mother gulit” almost daily and this will be a distant memory.

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