The Circle of Life

I went to my oldest friend’s dad’s funeral today. I saw her sister, mom and brother who I hadn’t seen in six years. I saw her parents’ friends whose lake house I fondly remember visiting with her during a weekend trip to the other side of the state. I saw my old high school guidance counselor. I saw my friend’s aunts, uncles and cousins whose faces I recognized from weddings, graduation parties and family gatherings at which I too was an attendee.

It was a mid-February day, and the meteorologists were promising a record-breaking 60 degree forecast. The Serenity Prayer, a classic reminder of what we can and can’t control, graced the back of the funeral prayer card. The cantor led us in the classic hymns of “On Eagle’s Wings” and “Amazing Grace.”

The limited leg room in our small pew kept us from kneeling during the Eucharistic prayer. So I leaned forward in my seat instead. Baby kicked. And kicked again. And a third time. She was unusually active for late morning. Typically, she waits until evening or until I recline at the end of the day to unleash her dance moves.

Perhaps she was trying to get more comfortable in the small space she calls home. Perhaps she was peeved at me for eating a small breakfast. Or better yet, perhaps she was reminding me that as one life was ending another was beginning. Perhaps.

They say to look around at funerals, and chances are you’ll see a pregnant mum-to-be. It’s almost as if God is reminding us that life goes on and so shall we.


One Response to “The Circle of Life”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for writing this post Jacquie. The day of my dad’s funeral was such a blur to me that I am so happy you captured it for me to read about at another time. You’re the best!

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